What is the Average Reps for Muscle-up?

The average Reps for Muscle-up varies from person to person. There are soo many factors that come in such as workout goals, age, level of strength, endurance, gender and more. Below, all the factors will be considered in a chart form.

Muscle-up is a compound exercise for the upper body. This exercise requires both pulling and pushing momentum. It’s best to know which muscle is being targeted which are:

  • Pectorals (Chest)
  • Trapezius (Upper Back muscle)
  • Deltoids (Shoulders)
  • Lats
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Core

(Read the Muscle group in more detail)

So what is the Average reps for Muscle-up?

The Average Muscle-up rep for Men is 3-10 reps.

The Average Muscle-up rep for Women is 1-5 reps.

Average Muscle-up Category Chart Men

Category Average Reps
Beginner1 – 2 Reps
Intermediate3 – 7 Reps
Advanced8 – 12 Reps
Elite13 – 20 Reps

Average Muscle-up Category Chart Women

Category Average Reps
Beginner1 Rep
Intermediate2 – 5 Reps
Advanced6 – 10 Reps
Elite11 – 15 Reps

How many pull-ups does it take to do a muscle-up?

In order to do a muscle-up, you need to build pulling and pushing strength. For pulling strength, perform pull-ups. It’s recommended to do 15-20 pull-ups per set for 3 sets. That is 45-60 reps a day. However, every single rep has to be clean which means going all the way down and pulling all the way until the bar is touching your upper chest.

For pushing strength, Dips is a good exercise as it will help you with building pushing strength to do a muscle-up. It’s recommended to do 15-20 dips per set for 3 sets. That is 45-60 reps a day. However, every single rep has to be clean which means going all the way down and pushing back up with strong grip.

Personally, Lean back pull-ups helped me a lot with muscle-up. Lean back pull ups is same as push up but your leading back with your body straight. The aim is to pull yourself until you touch lower chest with the bar. So, if you struggling to do push. Try doing 10-15 lean back pull-ups.

How to get Ready for Muscle-ups?

Add the following exercises below to your workout to help you get ready for muscle ups. These exercises will help strength your upper body like back, arms, chest, core and shoulders.

  • Chest to bar pullups
  • Assisted pullups using a TheraBand
  • Lat pulldowns
  • TRX rows
  • Atraight arm pulldowns
  • Assisted machine pullups
  • Hollow body rocks
  • Tricep dips
  • Tricep pushdowns

How to increase my reps on Muscle-ups?

The form is very important, you need to ensure you performing Muscle-up correctly. You can check below how to do Muscle-up with the correct form. Some tips are to build strength slowly rather then getting yourself injured and try to swing as less as possible.

Using Resistance band

Resistance band are very useful when it comes to increasing reps on any pull exercises. Using Resistance band for Muscle-up will help you doing extra reps so gradually you will be building strength on the upper body. The stronger you get the less assistance you will need. It’s Highly recommended if your struggling to do Muscle-ups.

Add Variation of Pull exercises

Aim is to build more strength when pulling. So you should be adding pull-ups, lat pull down, hanging and chin-up to your workout.

Add Variation of Push exercises

Aim is to build more strength when pushing. So you should be adding push-ups, bench press, shoulder press and more push exercises to your workout.

Get Enough Rest and Recovery

After performing a number of abdominal exercises you need to ensure that you let one day for your muscle to recover. This is because your ab muscles will be fatigued, in order for it to get stronger and increase in endurance, you need to make sure to rest.

Create an appropiate workout plan

In order to do more reps at Muscle-up, you need to track how many Muscle-up can do and add them to your workout plan or create one. It’s best to do push and pulls exercise every other day so take one day’s break for recovery (such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).


  1. Warm up with 5 minutes slow jog.
  2. Exercise (Muscle ups) – Choose your Target (1-5 reps) and perform the Muscle-up for 3 sets with 30 seconds break between each sets.
  3. Exercise (Push ups)
  4. Exercise (Pull ups)
  5. Exercise (Dips)
  6. Exercise (Chin ups)
  7. End your workout with slow prone back extension to release tension from the core.

Benefits of Muscle-ups

Increases flexibility

Muscle-ups help with flexibility as it works on upper body muscle like, chest, shoulder, core, hips, lower back muscle, etc. This increases mobility and relieves tightness and tension. Furthermore, this leads to reducing stress, increase concentration and boost energy levels.

Improves Posture

Muscle-ups help to improve the posture as your core gets stronger your hips and spine are easily aligned and that helps with posture. So if your upper body is slanting downwards then it will help it get better.

Improve Muscle Tone

After performing Muscle-ups for some times, you will see your muscle get more toned and defined. This is because your whole upper body muscle is being used so over time you will see the difference, you look more ripped.

Better balance and stability

Performing Muscle-ups will help increase your balance and stability. With Muscle-ups, your pelvis, lower back and hip muscles work together with abdominal muscles to increase your balance. This is can be very beneficial as you’re less likely to get injured in the future and will have a better balance.

How to Perform Muscle-up on a bar?

STEP 1 – Hang on a bar with lower width a part and make sure the handgrip is over-grip.

STEP 2 – Swing your body a little forward and pull your body back up (fast) until your lower chest is next to the bar.

STEP 3 – Twist your wrist downwards so fist is facing downwards.

STEP 4 – Push your body up like your doing a dip until your elbows are straight.

STEP 5 – Drop back down to the hanging position slowly and repeat the STEPS.